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Lane Kiffin is a real A-hole

Posted on: January 16, 2010 3:06 am
I think the title of this entry says it all. 

Lane was a jag before going to Tennessee, he was a jag from the day he got there and he was a jag on his way out.  We all knew those privileged kids growing up, those spoilled children with all daddy's money  And if you didn't, well, I got news for you.  Noone liked you.

My last blog entry was about how USC should hire a scape goat.  A patsie if you will, to weather the storm through NCAA sanctions and take the fall to give way to the next coach who will return the program to the top of college football.  As much as I would love for that to be the case here (let's not forget, Lane Kiffin is a real A-hole) I just don't think that's what USC has in mind.  They're shelling out big time money to get big time names to surround college footballs golden boy.  Starting of course with his daddy.  Doesn't it just irk you.  Something tells me Lane didn't drive a 17 year old car when he was 16 years old like a lot of us common folk did.

One of two things are happening here: 1) USC is putting enough people on staff to make sure that noone really important comes out of the NCAA investigation looking bad.  Or 2) USC is just so vain that they think the slap on the wrist their basketball program recieved a month ago will satiate the masses and the football program will operate 'business as usual'.  Unfortunately again, I don't think this is the case.  The only higher institution possibly capable of that kind of vanity is located in South Bend, Indiana.

So is there a good chance Lane Kiffin comes out of this smelling like roses and probably smelling the Roses on future January 1st's?  Unfortunately, yes.  But, who knows, maybe like most over-privileged children (and yes I'll call him a child as long as he insists on acting like one) he'll push the envelope just a little too far and his money and his name won't be able to get him out of trouble.  Maybe not so much out of trouble, but won't be able to propel him to his next job.  What ever he may fancy that job to be.
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